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The eighth volume of Belmont Story Review focuses on a myriad of relationships humans encounter be it family, friends or something in between.


Belmont Story Review is honored to showcase established and emerging writers from across the United States and the world. 



The seventh volume of Belmont Story Review encompasses encountering the world through various acts of witnessing that are much more than just bystanding or observing.



The sixth volume of Belmont Story Review captures many ways that Destination can be interpreted. Whether it is physical, spiritual or emotional, Destination is not only about place but how one arrives there.



The fifth volume of Belmont Story Review encapsulates the feeling of longing through a collection of essays, stories and poetry, using them to nurture the soul in a season of catastrophe and so many unknowns.



The fourth volume of Belmont Story Review uncovers a unity of experience that crosses time, boundary and culture.

VOLUME II & III (Double Issue)


The double issue of volumes two and three of Belmont Story Review explores the ways appearance reveals and challenges the way we think about ourselves and move through the world .



The first volume of Belmont Story Review themed Liminal Spaces very appropriately examines the process of becoming.

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Rights of Accepted Authors

1. Upon acceptance of the Work, you agree to sell us, and we agree to purchase from you, the following rights and interest of the Work: (i) exclusive first serial rights in North America; (ii) the irrevocable right to reproduce and distribute the Work in the original format at any time as part of the issue of issues of BSR in which the Work first appears; (iii) the nonexclusive and irrevocable right to reproduce and distribute the Work (this rights shall extend, but not be limited to the following: on microfilm, microfiche, electronic database, digital database, or other reference formats now known or hereafter developed) as part of the issue or issues of BSR in which the Work first appears for distribution to subscribers or libraries; (iv) nonexclusive and irrevocable rights to use the Work to promote and publicize BSR including the right to use your name and biographical data in such promotions.


2. Under United States copyright law, you will retain the copyright of the Work, subject to the rights you have granted to BSR. BSR will include a copyright notice in its name on the issue or issue in which the Work appears. You sharetain all rights to the Work other than those conveyed herein; however, provided that on any occasion you republish the Work, you agree to include suitable credit, indicating that the Work first appeared in BSR.


3.We agree to compensate you for the rights granted herein in the amount of $___ for the work.


We shall have the right to work with you in editing, revising, and adapting the Work and checking the Work for accuracy as we may deem appropriate to prepare the Work for publication. You agree to cooperate in such efforts


You are performing the services for us as an independent contractor. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be deemed to constitute you as an agent, representative, partner, joint venturer, or employee of BSR or the Belmont University for any purpose. You shall be solely liable for the payment of any and all taxes or other charges on your compensation imposed by federal, state, or local governments, and you agree to hold us harmless from any liability with respect thereto.

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