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Belmont Story Review

Volume 8 is live, Volume 9 is on the way!

Submissions for Volume 9 are now closed. 

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Please review our Terms and Conditions below before submitting. 

Notebook and Pen

What We're Looking For

Belmont Story Review seeks to publish new and established writers who are passionate about their craft, fearlessly encounter difficult ideas, and seek to surprise and delight readers through an eclectic mix of storytelling at the intersection of faith and culture. We feature works of fiction, creative nonfiction, and poetry. Please see our FAQ page for common questions we receive regarding submissions.

Terms and Conditions

Within your submission, please include a brief author bio. If applicable, include the following in your bio:


  • Major publications and awards

  • Any association or past correspondence with a guest or staff editor

  • Past publications in BSR


Due to the volume of submissions we receive, we ask that authors submit only ONE piece of prose total (choose to submit either Fiction or Nonfiction, not both). Poets may submit up to FIVE poems maximum. Please submit poetry in a single document.


Belmont Story Review pays honorariums in the form of a check in US dollars ($100 for prose, $50 for poetry). In addition to this pay we are also happy to provide a complimentary copy of the magazine. More copies can be purchased at


The honorarium payment to selected contributors can only be offered to those who are able to receive a US check. Because we are a university-sponsored magazine, we must request a W-9 form from all our contributors in order to be paid by check. For those who cannot receive US checks (i.e. outside of the US or Canada), we can pay in kind with additional copies of the magazine (three total) but cannot issue monetary payment.


Submissions will not be accepted after the deadline. We do not accept pieces that have already been published or revised submissions.


You should expect to receive word on your piece’s status by April 1 during the year of volume publication via the email you provide with your submission. If you have not received an email by that date, please feel free to contact us. Our volumes are published annually in the fall.

Two Pens

Statement of
Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Belmont Story Review is committed to publishing stories, poetry and essays that are inclusive of diverse opinions and uplift typically underrepresented populations. Through our editorial discernment, we seek to accept work from typically under-represented groups, whether this is BIPOC, LGTBQIA, ELL (English Language Learners) or other writers, dreamers and thinkers.

SUBMIT to the Review

SUBSCRIBE to the Newsletter

Thank you for your interest in Belmont Story Review. We do not accept submissions via email, please use our Submittable link if you are looking to submit work for publication.

Stack of Magazines

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Contact us at with questions.

Rights of Accepted Authors

1. Upon acceptance of the Work, you agree to sell us, and we agree to purchase from you, the following rights and interest of the Work: (i) exclusive first serial rights in North America; (ii) the irrevocable right to reproduce and distribute the Work in the original format at any time as part of the issue of issues of BSR in which the Work first appears; (iii) the nonexclusive and irrevocable right to reproduce and distribute the Work (this rights shall extend, but not be limited to the following: on microfilm, microfiche, electronic database, digital database, or other reference formats now known or hereafter developed) as part of the issue or issues of BSR in which the Work first appears for distribution to subscribers or libraries; (iv) nonexclusive and irrevocable rights to use the Work to promote and publicize BSR including the right to use your name and biographical data in such promotions.


2. Under United States copyright law, you will retain the copyright of the Work, subject to the rights you have granted to BSR. BSR will include a copyright notice in its name on the issue or issue in which the Work appears. You sharetain all rights to the Work other than those conveyed herein; however, provided that on any occasion you republish the Work, you agree to include suitable credit, indicating that the Work first appeared in BSR.


3.We agree to compensate you for the rights granted herein in the amount of $___ for the work.


We shall have the right to work with you in editing, revising, and adapting the Work and checking the Work for accuracy as we may deem appropriate to prepare the Work for publication. You agree to cooperate in such efforts


You are performing the services for us as an independent contractor. Nothing contained in this Agreement shall be deemed to constitute you as an agent, representative, partner, joint venturer, or employee of BSR or the Belmont University for any purpose. You shall be solely liable for the payment of any and all taxes or other charges on your compensation imposed by federal, state, or local governments, and you agree to hold us harmless from any liability with respect thereto.

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