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Sounds of the Unconsidered
after To the Rain by Ursula K Le Guin
Written by: Rebecca Smolen

soft brush on skin

frothy bubbles at glass rim

never conscious of or named

regardless still there

a calming tingle

beginning at skull base

down spine onto my arms


I think if the gravity of the stars

the awe of watching vast universe

go by could be a reaction

it might want to be this


I would choose to be this

I would want to share this feeling

if at a sight of me or hearing

my voice or in my hug could cause this

I’d travel the world to offer

my embrace   to spread peace

or mere sensation of it


carbonation simmering

seafoam delivered to shore

greedy bubbles in the bath

the absence of sound is similar:


your breath caught at a touch

or held at the sight of snow falling

all the noise that is silenced

and cradles the weight of our heads

up against each other

the sound of our eyes clenched shut

and the sound of them opening again

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